Black Friday

Posted on November 27th, 2009 in outbound links

If you think I’m going out today, you’re insane.  I’ve stocked up like it’s hurricane season specifically so I won’t have to head out into today’s madness.  For those of you not in the States who don’t know: today is our annual running of the bulls.  Only instead of crazed bovines, we loose bargain-hunting shoppers in search of day-after-Thanksgiving sales, and all the stores mark things up 20% so they can offer three dollars off to anyone who shows up at 5am. When I was a wee slip of a thing, I remember (with shivering clarity) huddling outside the mall before dawn with my grandmother because, I kid you not, “They might let us in a little early because you’re so small.”  Crazy bitch.

But I live in The Glorious Future, now, and I do all my holiday shopping online, from the warmth and relative safety of my home.  If you are sane like me, I’ve made you a little list of Things You Can Buy today (or whenever, really) if you’re feeling shoppy without the crazy.

You do like to read, don’t you?

  • SHIVERING SANDS.  Which, okay, you’ve probably already got.  But what about your loved ones? Why don’t you love them enough to buy them a look at Warren’s brain?  What sort of a son/ daughter/ grandchild/ niece/ nephew/ cousin/ brother/ sister/ neighbor/ complete stranger are you, really?  

  • COILHOUSE MAGAZINE (and sundries). Issue four of COILHOUSE is just about to drop, but it looks like the coven beautiful CH ladies have a few issues of #3 left in stock. (And some shirts and bits and bobs, too.) COILHOUSE is one of the most beautiful magazines on the market, so you really are missing out if you haven’t seen it yet.

  • BONESHAKER.  Cherie Priest’s brilliant zombies-via-steampunk novel (lightish on the steampunk, but HEAVY on the brilliant) of airship proportions is something you need on your bookshelf, for seriously. 

  • CHANGING STATES.  Sarah Sharp’s photo book of her All-50-States adventure is a bit of a big-ticket item, yes.  I don’t know if you love anyone enough to get them this. But there’s no rule against treating yourself for the holidays.  In fact, that’s something I heartily endorse.

  • HACKING THE EARTH.  Jamais Cascio wants to tell you how to save the world.  If that’s not in the spirit of the holidays, I really just don’t know what is. And HtE comes wrapped in a loverly cover design by yours truly, so that’s fun, too.

  • THE FAST FICTION CHALLENGE. Lee Barnett’s 200-word bursts of clever, funny, horrifying, what-the-hell-ever, all collected in one handsome volume.  If you’re even thinking of publishing a book of short fiction, you should check this out to see how it’s done.

  • SUNKEN TREASURE. That link is going to take you to Wil Wheaton’s entire Lulu store, but I’m specifically linking this book here because it’s got pretty holiday season colors, and the cover (which I absolutely adore) was designed by my friend Matt Brooker.

Apparel that will make you ever so sexier:

  • I’ve got to mention Warren’s and my T-shirt of the Week, come on.  But it’s a smart one this week, and nothing’s sexier than smart.  Plus it expires on Sunday, so it’s the closest thing to a limited-time offer on the list, in keeping with the craziness of today.

  • And since Rich picked up the first run of our (Happy()Sad) shirts yesterday (on a national holiday, no less!  That’s some dedication.), I’ve got to link them, too.  But these have a coupon, also in keeping with the day. Just enter “wilw” (without the quotes) at checkout for 15% off your whole order, through the end of November.

  • And by “your whole order,” I mean you can buy as much as you want to in the Diesel Sweeties store, and get 15% off it all.  Including these Magic Paint Bucket ties, which I had absolutely nothing to do with, but I cannot for the life of me understand why they aren’t sold out.

  • These crack me up (and I’m somewhat responsible as they followed one of my Make Something rants). Jamais, again, on a lighter-but-no-less-serious note: Carbon Footprint of a Cheeseburger swag.

Housewares and sundries to make your life better:

  • Just in case you’ve forgotten our cafepress store has more than the TOTW (and because every time we sell a splatter-shield I get to say to Warren HA HA WHO’S CRAZY NOW. And that’s just really fun, I mean, really fun.)

  • But let’s be honest, here: If you’re going to buy one mug today, It’s going to be Wil’s geeenyus Memories of the Future mug. I really can’t remember if, when I first saw this, I said congrats to Wil for being a genius, or if I cried a little because I will never think of something this clever.  I want to say the first one.

  • Now that your table is beautiful, let’s move on to your walls, shall we?  I just this morning finally talked Emma Vieceli into putting her drop-dead gorgeous prints for sale online. Emma does beautiful work, you know when you can tell from the thumbnail, and your empty wall space needs some love.

  • Do you need something a little more motivating staring you in the face? What about Matt Jones’ GET EXCITED AND MAKE THINGS print?  That link is going to take you to a page where you can find another link out to the high-quality prints by 20×20, but because I want to end this post with a bit of holiday cheer, you can also scroll down to the bottom of that page and get a hi-res version of the image to print out yourself for absolutely free.

So there you go.  Holiday shopping: solved.  And if you’re just not doing the whole buy things thing this year, that’s all right, too.  But give us a link or a retweet, if you would, because your attention and support are just as valuable (honestly? A bit more) as your monies. And then head over to FREAKANGELS if you’d like, because it’s new every Friday, and free to read and enjoy.

T-Shirt Of The Week #006: STAB&STAB; via Warren Ellis

Monday November, 30 2009 08:13 AM PST

TOTW is basically a joke that Ariana and I pull each week in our joint guise as the International Electrophonic Unit. Basically, we take some of the stupider things I’ve said on Twitter and elsewhere, often in a state of extreme alcoholic refreshment or severe sleep deprivation, and put them on a t-shirt. Ariana set up a Cafe Press store (because this is a joke and engaging with a serious maker of t-shirts would be less funny to us), and… well, once a week, here we are.

Through this website and this Cafe Press store, we’re going to release one t-shirt a week. It’ll go live on Monday… and it’ll die Sunday night — midnight UK time, more often than not. Each one lives for a week, and then it’s replaced by the next week’s shirt. Until I either run out of dumb ideas or Ariana’s brain explodes.

So, every Monday, I’ll post the new shirt here, and you can peer at it more at

Anyway. I present to you T-Shirt Of The Week #006: STAB&STAB:


(remember those band "anti-tshirts" of a while back? Well, I had a shit week, and this is the only music I was interested in hearing.)

We also offer a couple of perennial items. Mostly because I wanted one of these for myself:


(And also a MAN COOK MEAT WITH FIRE "splatter-shield", because Ariana’s crazy)

Thank you for your kind attention.


Comments: Dragon Heir - Chapter #8 via Emma Vieceli

Monday November, 30 2009 06:21 AM PST

Chapter 8! Uploaded a little late this week, sorry guys! Blame the Grand Cosplay Ball last night - which was a blast and a half! Anyways, back to Spiratu's domain....Enjoy, spread the word and, as always, any comments are very appreciated ^_^

Been away... via Lee Barnett

Monday November, 30 2009 04:53 AM PST

With the exception of the recent pic posted, I've been away from Livejournal for a couple of weeks - the few months leading up to my trip to New York were a bit stressful at work, and then coming back from the US, plunging straight into work, and a few things going on meant that I didn't have time (nor, to be honest, the inclination) to post on Livejournal.

OK, head extracted from orifice, words starting to make sense again.

Let's see what happens now.

Better Than Coffee: 5 Octaves via Meredith Yayanos

Monday November, 30 2009 01:49 AM PST

We can’t all be Freddie or Klaus or Alfred.

Still, ain’t no harm in tryin’, is there?

Well, is there?

Take a listen to these gents before you decide.

Read the rest of Better Than Coffee: 5 Octaves

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(Untitled) via Trixie Bedlam

Sunday November, 29 2009 08:55 PM PST

trixiebedlam posted a photo:

enjoy it via Trixie Bedlam

Sunday November, 29 2009 08:53 PM PST

trixiebedlam posted a photo:

enjoy it

second job via Trixie Bedlam

Sunday November, 29 2009 08:52 PM PST

trixiebedlam posted a photo:

second job

if it looks to you like a guy dressed as Spiderman is doing a flip over the bar of his rickshaw in the middle of the street, it's because that's exactly what's going on here.

Nicolas Cage has a FEVER and the only cure is more pachinko via Wil Wheaton

Sunday November, 29 2009 07:42 PM PST

One of my great regrets is that, when I was super famous (back in the Swatches-on-jacket years), I didn't get to do one of these bizarre Japanese commercials. I think I would have been the most number one super terrific selling power in the entire prefecture for surprise time.

Links for 2020-11-29 via Warren Ellis

Sunday November, 29 2009 02:00 PM PST

  • Vietnamese man dug up wife’s corpse ’so he could hug her’ - Telegraph
    "The 55-year-old man from a small town in the central province of Quang Nam opened up his wife's grave in 2004, moulded clay around the remains to give the figure of a woman, put clothes on her and then placed her in his bed, said"
    (tags:nutters )
  • ‘Alien spies live among us’ says Bulgarian gov space boffin ? The Register
    "A boffin at the Bulgarian national Space Research Institute has stated that not only are aliens living among us, but that they object strongly to "immoral behaviour" by humanity - such as causing global warming. "Unnatural" acts such as use of cosmetics and "artificial insemination" are also frowned upon by the extraterrestrial visitors."
    (tags:ufo nutters )

To Buy Templesmith?s New Comic CHOKER via Warren Ellis

Saturday November, 28 2009 06:45 PM PST

Print, fill out and deliver to your local comics shop: 4142597384_2eb5e7aca1_o

the rest is history via Trixie Bedlam

Saturday November, 28 2009 06:24 PM PST

trixiebedlam posted a photo:

Partners In Crime via Lee Barnett

Saturday November, 28 2009 04:51 PM PST

Taken at the bar mitzvah tonight:

Warren Ellis

Saturday November, 28 2009 02:43 PM PST


Well hot damn. via Cherie Priest

Saturday November, 28 2009 02:43 PM PST

Here are today’s stats for the fabulous urban fantasy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! Cuban drag queen and military intrigue:

Project: Bloodshot
New Words Written: 4985 (Some added last night; only about 4000 today)
Present Total Word Count: 94,570 words
Goal: Draft Zero by December 12 -ACCOMPLISHED

Things Accomplished in Fiction: Wrapped it up, baby. Wrapped up all of it. This, ladies and gents and all others, is a Draft Zero.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Virtually nothing. This has been eating my brain and I had to get it out, out, out. And now - best of all - I have almost 2 whole weeks to batter this puppy into a Draft One before sending it back to Anne! [:: does a little dance ::]

Reason for Stopping: BECAUSE I CAN.

Testing Zoundry Raven via Warren Ellis

Saturday November, 28 2009 08:53 AM PST

Testing Zoundry Raven, a desktop blogging client. Using an image by Emma Vieceli to do so. You can find the print for sale here. Post2Blog never did drag and drop very well. I’d like a desktop client that was as smooth and easy as Tumblweed for Tumblr, to be honest, but there doesn’t seem to be one that clever and slick for Wordpress.


If the bumf is to believed, then swiping this image of Emma doing a bookstore PA should just paste in here:

(Sorry, Em, I’m using you as an experimental animal, but I had to google the link for your print shop and this was right underneath in the search results.)

Tumblweed is a clever app because it matches the intent of Tumblr: fast, easy scrapbooking for the internet. Wordpress clients tend to match the intent of Wordpress, as a place to write long blogposts. No matter how the theme of your Wordpress site actually changes that supposed intent. This site has gone through its tumblelog phases, but it’s hard to tumblelog in a big complex client, and bookmarklet apps don’t seem to work so well any more.

Anyway. Let’s see if this actually works.

EDIT: the Flickr image broke within moments, and on a subsequent post with four images in, it only posted one of them. Windows Live Writer, which has also been suggested to me, is currently refusing to post any entry containing an image, using any of three different methods.